About us

At Artefit we genuinely care about people’s safety and well-being. We are part of ISKO, one of the world’s largest sustainable textile players and supplier to some of the biggest, global denim fashion brands. Artefit has drawn on this heritage, expertise and innovation in manufacturing to design and produce a range of compression garments designed for everyone.

Here to stay

The patented Rheact™ compression technology was developed with a mission to help everyone feel and perform at their best. It is a commitment to our customers’ well-being. We are a dynamic team fully invested in providing comfort, quality, style and - most importantly - safety for the long term.


Our backstory

In March 2020, our parent company ISKO decided to take quick action and ease the burden on the medical PPE community and provide face coverings for everyday people – not just as a temporary ‘pivot’, but as a long term investment in the business and worldwide communities to help stop the spread of the virus. 

In 2021, ISKO RHEACT™ was created, the result is a unique woven compression technology that increases your blood flow. This in turn helps you feel more energised, more focussed. 

Artefit was born out of this vision and quickly established itself as a well-being business - providing comfortable, and efficient products to help consumers perform at their best.